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I now have some of my sketches & paintings on Redbubble as prints, phone/iPod covers, & shirts. Check them out here! All proceeds go towards the shelter I volunteer at in my hometown so all sharing and reblogging is much appreciated. Mahalo & Aloha! 

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Live with love, live with respect, live with aloha. 
Aloha Spirit is something very close to my heart. Design & being creative in general, even in the smallest of ways, helps me feel connected & I think it’s a perfect way to spread aloha in your everyday life. Simply in that you make something & put it out into the world so that someone else might find it inspiring or might have something beautiful, thought-provoking, funny, etc. in their life because of it. So hopefully this brings a little aloha into your life so you can pass it on.
It’s largely thanks to my followers that I try to create anything, so I thought it would be fitting to follow up on the requests and make this available as prints & posters on my Redbubble shop finally. It will also be available as tees shortly. Mahalo for the encouragement & you can check out my Redbubble shop here, the proceeds of which go to my Letters of Encouragement project & the local shelter I volunteer at. If you can share & reblog to get the word out, it’s very much appreciated! Mahalo nui loa and as always, aloha. <3 

This might not get any notes or attention, that’s not the point. I just needed to stand up and speak out about it because it’s important to me and I’m truly hoping that it’s important to some of you out there in this wonderful community as well. 
Thousands upon thousands of people use this site. Some do so initially to see what all the fuss is about but most stay because it’s an avenue to be yourself; to connect with others that share the same interests and opinions. For me, it has been a place to grow into who I am. To figure out what I like and what I want and to connect with others that have been or are struggling with the same things I have faced. One of these things being rape, exploitation, abuse. 
To my fellow survivors, I don’t think I’m alone in saying that it puts salt in numerous wounds to scroll through your dashboard constantly seeing this blazing word set fire to so many posts. As if it was simply a word of no consequence and not a catastrophic event in our lives. Not something we’ve had to rebuild ourselves from. 
To those of you who haven’t faced this trauma and the resulting blows to your person, both physical and emotional, it’s not something I would ever hope for you to understand.But I’m hoping there are at least some of you out there with enough empathy to realize the amount of pain a small word can and does cause others. For some it will be a trigger snapping into place, a reason to hurt themselves or a reason to not fight the memories anymore and allow them to swallow up all the progress they’ve made. For others it will be another sleepless night or a reason to not view tumblr as a safe place to escape from the terror they’ve experienced. And for some it will be the push over the edge that they’ve been waiting for, the one they won’t recover from. Because this word will never just be a simple four letter word for those who have felt the abrasive assault of it in action. 
What’s more, it will never just be a simple four letter word to the people that choose to exploit and harm. Every rape joke and turn of phrase that belittles the horribleness of the act promotes the action. These people see it as an excuse, even an encouragement. Some are mentally unstable but some just want a reason to give into what they want to do, who they want to hurt. And you’re giving it to them. 
So, if you understand how heinous rape is, please take the time and have the empathy to understand how heinous jokes and negligent usage of the word is as well. And please take a stand against rape culture on Tumblr so that this is a welcoming and safe community for all of us. 
Odds are, you know a survivor even if they haven’t confided in you. I don’t think anyone would want to be responsible for causing a friend more trauma and more pain after they’ve already lived through and endured so much. Show your support because I can assure you, they desperately need every ounce of support and encouragement they can possibly receive. Even if they’re not in a place to ask for it. 
If you do want to spread the word by reblogging this, please leave the text and the following message as well: If you are a survivor, if you’re struggling, I’m here. I listen and I give advice and it will never be something I do in order to garner popularity. I know what it’s like to live with the weight of being exploited and harmed and the only light I have ever seen at the end of this tunnel is to help as many people as I can possibly help. You can message me at absolutely any time about anything here. I will never post anything you don’t want posted. 
achluophiliac asked: may i use that past banner that says GYPSY in orange? x
banner-ful replied:

Sure thing, just please put a credit link on your blog. 

Anonymous asked: whats the name of the drip font? and where you found the pattern for the hand drawned boho one?
banner-ful replied:

Which drip font? The hipster or drawn out one?

Sorry, I drew all my patterns and I’m not giving it out to people. 

634k asked: Hey, what's the hand drawn boho looking font called on dafont? because I really need it for my textiles coursework. Please reply! xo
banner-ful replied:

Sorry, it’s not a font. I do it by hand so each banner is unique. There is a similar font floating around that was made by someone who stole the font from banners another banner maker created but I don’t remember the name. I’d suggest just drawing your own in order to get a good quality. 

allprettyshit asked: will you give some ideas for peoples blogs or do you just want people to give you direct instructions?
banner-ful replied:

I’m more than happy to get a bit creative if you’re not sure what you’d like. But basic guidelines definitely help if you have an idea of what things you like or definitely don’t or do want. 

Banner update for Fuckery. 
*I have a bit of free time in the next few days so I’ll be making free banner. Just submit a request for a hand drawn, hipster, or other banner. First come first serve as usual.:) 
Please don’t remove the source if you reblog. Thanks! 
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